Trump Card?



On this day, when my social media feed is covered with despair, I wanted to see if there is something to learn from the American Presidential election. And this is what I’m thinking…

Focusing on, thinking and talking about something gives it power.  

The overwhelming majority of the American Presidential election discussion (or at least what was being shared in the UK) was about Trump. Can he win/Why do people like him/ What kind of President would he be/What racist thing has he said now?/ etc  It was endless. His campaign was given an enormous amount of attention. And if most people vote for the person or side they have heard the most about, then none of us should be surprised that Trump got elected. The whole world (and the world’s media) are who gave him that power.

What (if anything) does this have to do with bloomin’ headshots???

It might surprise you- but I think a lot.

When you stand in front of the camera, what are you focusing on, thinking and talking to yourself about?

If you spend the whole time thinking ‘I hate getting my photo taken’ ‘I hate my hair’ ‘Wish I’d gone to a hairdresser’ ‘Why didn’t I book a make-up artist’ ‘Hate this top’… and all the rest. Right there, you are ‘trumping’ (see what I did there…) your chances of getting great headshots. You are actually giving power to all the things you don’t want.

And I think this applies to performing also. In fact, most actors are trained in the Stanislavsky method of finding out what characters want and going for that.  It’s the same thing in headshot land. When you are busy worrying about what COULD go wrong, how can you take the appropriate actions to cause your shoot to go well?

So what is The Trump Card (the card, not the man FYI)? 

Go for what you want.

Get excited, energized, motivated and hungry for what you want. Sharpen those images so they are clear in your mind. Be precise. Go after what you want to happen with as much enthusiasm as you would despair about something you didn’t want (like er, Trump). Come into a shoot feeling, focusing, thinking and talking about how flippin’ thrilled you are to be getting mind-blowing headshots. Give your power to what you want to happen.

Cos what’s the alternative? Orange faces and yellow hair? Nah…

See you in the studio.



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