I’ve written a few blog posts with tips on clothesmake-up, nerves and posing and much more. But this is surely the ultimate… While it’s often been said working with children or animals is a bad idea, I’ve discovered the opposite can be true. In fact, I would argue that we can learn a lot from both. Here is the ultimate headshot advice from Tili…

  • Relax, let your jaw drop and your tongue roll out.
  • Shake your body whenever you feel like it.
  • Bring a tennis ball to your shoot.
  • Do your best puppy dog eyes whenever you want something.
  • Be boundlessly enthusiastic about everything.
  • When you’re tired, pant loudly and stretch out on the floor.

OK OK, I’m joking- I really hope that was clear from the beginning. Nonetheless, I bet if you bring as much enthusiasm as Tili did to your shoot, you’ll have a woofing great headshot session. (I’ll stop now.)



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