“Shooting with Isaac was brilliant! He took on board exactly what I wanted to get from my new headshot, taking me to different scenarios and locations until we achieved the perfect photograph. We had lots of laughs!.”

-Carly Bedford

“Isaac is methodical and precise and yet has an incredible way of capturing you honestly and wholesomely. His shots have got great feedback from casting directors and inherently – got me work!”

-Yasmine Holness-Dove

“Isaac really took the time to identify what I needed from my pictures and get the best shots for my casting. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun and I couldn’t be happier with the end results.”

-Karen Collins

“Isaac made me so at ease: I was laughing and smiling in between takes so I was confident then too, and that comes across in the pictures. No wonder I’m so happy with them! Overall it was just a fun experience- I actually forgot it was meant to be hard work.”

-Geraldine Barry-Murphy

“I really enjoyed my headshot session with Isaac. He has a great vision and his enthusiasm is catching. He made me feel instantly relaxed and comfortable and I felt like we wouldn’t stop until we had the perfect photograph.”

-Sarah Ververs

“The nervousness of having my first headshots taken was swiftly mitigated by Isaac’s guidance. My final four portraits have already gotten me plenty of jobs.”

-Victor Stole

“I couldn’t say I was an easy client to work with, but Isaac truly knows how to get the best out of people, he made it a very comfortable experience. I am so happy with my headshots and have received many a compliment on them.”

-Cydney Bronte

“Isaac is not only a superbly talented photographer with a gifted eye, but he takes the greatest efforts I have ever seen to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. He wants to capture you in your own skin, to show off those rare, true inner qualities that casting directors and agents long to see.”

-Royce Sparks

“It was great working with Isaac. Straight away I felt relaxed and secure in the session. It was a two way dialogue when it came to the pictures and I never felt rushed or pressured to get “the shot.”

-Anna Bolton

“Isaac made the process so relaxed and easy and produced headshots that both my agent and I are extremely happy with. In fact, as soon as I made my headshots live, I had an influx of lovely auditions! I would encourage any actor wanting new headshots – together with a fun, truthful and relaxed photoshoot – to go to this man. Not only that, he makes great tea.”

-Kate Kordel

I am open for Business. Covid-19, PLEASE READ

I am back in business and shooting outdoors only for actors. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique environment.
I very much suggest the outdoors shoots as a great alternative. Please read my procedures here.