How To Improve Your Headshot- Get A Cat?


What makes you sparkle?

I recently photographed a model/actress and throughout the shoot, she just looked so blissfully content; I had to ask her…”What are you thinking about?”

“What are you thinking about?”

“My cats” she replied happily.

I wanted to check I’d heard her correctly… “cats?”

“Yeah, I love my cats!”

Are you thinking… “eh, what”?

Let me give you some context. In most shoots, I spend time getting actors to get connected to what makes them feel proud and alive. I want their headshots to exude pride and aliveness and this best way to do this is to think of something that genuinely makes you feel that way. However, it’s sometimes tricky for clients to get to grips with this. But what impressed me with this actress was that she came prepared.  She found something that triggered a very useful emotion and this meant she could get the headshots she wanted. At the very thought of those cats, her eyes lit up- that’s so useful.

Get purring

So, for your next headshot shoot, along with preparing your clothes and getting the straighteners out, pick out who/what you’re going to think about.  Prep yourself. Who or what makes your heart sing? Makes your eyes light up? Makes you naturally feel proud? Remember a time on stage that made you feel proud? Have it in mind so the moment your photographer says, ‘can you straighten up?’ – you don’t just roll your shoulders back, you think of that thing that makes you feel smug as punch and then you will roll your shoulders back naturally. Handy, huh?

Failing that…  get a cat? They are cute!

See you in the studio!





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