How to own your headshot session

Do you arrive at the studio with your fingers and toes crossed and praying for a miracle? Do you feel like the result of your headshot session is somewhere between the photographer and the gods? Would you like to feel more in control? Be able to choose and create how you want your headshot to look?
If your answer is ‘hell yes’, keep reading!
Lots of actors feel at the mercy of the photographer, studio or setting when it comes to getting their headshots taken. And that is understandable. After all, you can’t see what you look like! However, there are lots of things actors can do to take back control.

Like what?

Before the shoot, think about what you want your headshot to say about you. What’s the overall vibe someone would get from the photo? E.g funny, flirty, ballsy, playful, intense. Being specific really helps. And choose something that is familiar to you and is relevant to the type of characters you play. (If there is something shy about you and you often play characters that are a little naive, there isn’t much point going for a femme fatal headshot.)
Then, when you’re getting ready for your session, brushing your teeth, traveling to the studio, THINK about what makes you feel flirty or funny or ballsy or whatever you’ve chosen to go with. Think about what clothes strengthen this attitude and wear them!

Leap over the trap!

The trap is when you get really fixed on what the headshot should look like and then start to worry that it won’t work. Getting frustrated about looks or stressed about how you’re not feeling calm! Sounds funny but it does happen.  You end up trying to conceal your anxiety by faking it and choosing forced unnatural postures. Then, of course, your headshot doesn’t say the exact thing you wanted it to. So, avoid the trap!
Go for a run, meditate, do some yoga or have your favourite cheese sandwich! Do whatever it takes to have you alive and connected to what it is you want your headshot to say about you. Then when you arrive at the studio, tell your photographer what you’ve been thinking and be open to how it can be achieved. Finally, (and this is the important bit) TRUST yourself to deliver. And that’s it. Oh, and enjoy yourself!
See you in the studio!

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