Welcome to Isaac Peral Photography!
As a London actor headshot photographer, I’m not in the business of taking snaps; we have smartphones for that! My mission is to give clients something unique- an incredible experience and then exceptional actor headshots are just a by-product of having a great time.
Being an actor headshot and corporate photographer in London is the best job in the world. I love working with people and the most thing I love about my work is transforming my clients’ experience of getting their photos taken. Some people feel anxious, embarrassed or just plain uncomfortable about being in front of the camera. I see my job as not just capturing a moment, but having my clients discover a joy in who they are so they, (as corny as it sounds) fall in love with themselves! Whether I’m being a corporate photographer or taking actor headshots, my commitment is that you’ll look at your Isaac Peral Photograph and catch your breath- for the right reasons! 
What else do I provide? Three critical things: 
Free Consultation Service. You can call us anytime prior to your shoot to get advice on anything from clothes to make-up. I strongly encourage clients to take up this offer as you can really make the most of your booking this way. This is particularly helpful for clients coming to my Clapton studio (East London). Actor headshots are so important and having a conversation with us about clothes, casting and make-up beforehand is invaluable.
Expertise in the field. I’ve taken countless actor headshots for British and international stars. Alongside my photography background, I studied interior and graphic design and so my skills in lighting, framing, design and colour have been well and truly honed!
Effortlessness. Getting great photographs is not effortful and I am committed to my clients realising this.  I guarantee a brilliant shoot and stunning results and if for any reason, you’re not thrilled, I will rebook another session- no questions asked.
Thanks for your visit!

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I am open for Business. Covid-19, PLEASE READ

I am back in business and shooting outdoors only for actors. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique environment.
I very much suggest the outdoors shoots as a great alternative. Please read my procedures here.