Be Awesome for 2016

A New Year and London is buzzing again with talk of replacing the wine glass with the self-flagellation whip.  While others talk about their food-free diet and Zumba-fuelled-mornings, I’m giving zero radio time to torturous New Year resolutions.

This year, I’ll be focusing on how I am BEING rather than what I am DOING. For 2017, how I am going to BE is… (cue drumroll) inspiring!

Pain-free and motivating. The cool thing about this is that I can then bring this into every activity I do and will invariably inspire me to do new ones. But don’t take one headshot photographer’s word for it. Here are what some pretty awesome actors say about being (rather than doing)…

Be playful: “Don’t be afraid to make an eejit of yourself.” Actress, Niamh Cusack

Be at peace: “You think the waves will smooth out when you have success, but they don’t and they won’t, so the only solution is to worry about them less.” Actor and Composer, Tim Minchin

Be carefree: “You cannot try to get the job. Just go in there, have some fun, and do your version of that part. This is what I’m selling. If you want to buy it, that’s cool. Have some adjustments for me? That’s fine, I’ll make some adjustments, but this is basically what I want to do. That’s the attitude, sort of a ‘fuck it’ attitude. Not fuck you, but fuck it.” Actor, Sam Rockwell

Be a rhino: “You’ve got to get the thickest skin possible. Like a rhino hide. It’s a very personal job. Put a helmet on.” Actress, Emily Blunt

Be of service: “People come to the theatre in the hope that it will have something to do with them – and when it touches them, it is both painful and brilliant.” Actress, Fiona Shaw

Be unstoppable: “Never be discouraged. Never hold back. Give it everything you’ve got. And when you fall, fall forward.” Actor, Denzel Washington

So, go on, be awesome for 2016.

See you in the studio.


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