How Do I Get Beautiful Headshots?


How do I look beautiful in my headshots?

Think you are beautiful. Easy peasy.

People who stand in front of the camera and wish they were as good-looking as their friend, is going to have a hard job convincing anyone that they are beautiful. Truly beautiful. They might look well turned out or attractive, but there will be something missing in their headshot… That certain something. What is that? Many people call it confidence. And in many ways it is- an outward facing self-assurance paired with an inner resilience.
I don’t think of it so much as confident, however. We’ve all had the experience of meeting a ‘confident’ person and it can seem insincere.

What I am talking about is captured nicely in a phrase my friend uses: “back your own horse”

What the hell does that mean? Well, imagine it’s The Grand National and your very own darling Delilah is running hell for leather towards the finish line. Who are you going to shout for?

That’s your acting career. You come to get headshots taken and wish you were that dude with the glinty eyes or that girl with the 50m eyelashes. You sit in a casting suite and look at the guy in the floral shirt and think “he’ll probably get it”…  All of that is NOT backing your own horse. You’re cheering for the wrong side!

So, whether you think you’re a strapping racehorse or a cute Shetland pony, be your own supporter.

When you come to get headshots with me, I am always on your side and fighting for you to win.  Getting you (wonderful actors) to experience being proud, to stand 100% in your own shoes and to love it. Get that and your headshots will beautifully irresistible.

And that’s what casting directors, agents and directors want to see in headshots. But more than just getting another role, when you feel lucky to be on your own team, you get to have a great life.

See you in the studio!


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