Why your business really needs your corporate photography?

In today’s world of visual marketing, seeing a company’s products is no longer sufficient. Consumers want to see who’s selling them. And this trend is everywhere, especially in London. So, the ‘About Me’ section of every website is the most visited because people choose not only your services, they choose you. This in mind, it’s pretty clear why most companies are opting for corporate photography in London with a professional corporate photographer and beyond.

What is needed for high quality corporate headshots?

First of all, you have to find the right photographer. Nowadays you’ll find lots of people who can use a DSLR, but there’s a big difference between someone who can take a photo and a professional photographer.

  • You want to find a corporate photographer who understands your brand. This is vital. You don’t just want great photography- you want photography that expresses the unique qualities of your brand. For example, you wouldn’t expect a party company to have the same headshot photography style as a financial services provider.

  • Chat with the photographer before making a booking. If they provide a free consultation service – don’t think twice; go for it. You can get invaluable information from the photographer about your image and how to enhance your marketability. An experienced corporate photographer will be able to advise on styling, backgrounds, and image layout on your website.

  • Use one photographer per site. When you want to update your staff photographs, book one corporate photographer to shoot all your staff. All photographers have different styles so when one site hosts an array of photographers, it can look chaotic and unprofessional. (Unless of course, marketing photographers is the aim of your site)

  • Ask your photographer whether or not they can provide a discount to shoot all your staff. (Usually, full-day rates are better valued than half-day rates) Many corporate photographers in London will work exclusively with one company, returning when invited to shoot new staff.

Regardless of what service you provide, your corporate headshots should always capture two qualities: confidence and approachability. A great photographer will have no problem in delivering that and much more.

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