Can You Be a Tuna Sandwich? Mindful Headshots


When you’re standing in front of a camera, what are you thinking about?

Your hair?

Your posture?

Your left dimple?

Not that it matters because you hide it, right? Wrong!

Lots of people talk about mindfulness in life; I want to talk about it in headshots.

What’s the difference between photographing a tuna sandwich and a person?

Well, the tuna sandwich just sits there… being a tuna sandwich, while a person sits there trying to be prettier/taller/smaller/thinner/happier/sexier/add-your-favourite-ier. The tuna sandwich isn’t thinking. Most people place their bodies in front of the camera, while their thoughts dance off to all sorts of places.

But headshot photography is not a theoretical art form. It is momentary creation. In an instant, you light up, that is snapped and viola! Together, we have frozen a moment in time.  Now, when you are lost in your thoughts, those moments are less likely. Why? Well, because great headshots are a hodge-podge of action and choreography. The form is constructed (i.e studio/outdoor/backdrop/angles etc) while the expression is spontaneous.

So, in your next headshot shoot…

think ‘tuna sandwich’! Just be in your body, with your breath, aware of where you are and present to how you feel. Besides, there will be plenty of time for daydreaming on the tube home when you’ve just smashed the shoot.

See you in the studio soon!


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