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On the Graham Norton Show, Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy revealed their worst head shots. Apart from providing us with a giggle, is there anything we can gleam from their mistakes?

Model Shots

Although Chris Pratt’s head shot is quite extreme, many actors (in particular those who do lots of commericals)  do make the mistake of choosing overly glamerous  head shots. Personally, I don’t think this works.

Some famous actors go down this route and while it might be tempting to follow in their footsteps, in the eternal words of Celine Dion ‘Think Twice’. Kate Winslet’s head shot is less of a factor in her being seen for a role than most people’s. So think about where you are in your career, what kind of work you want to do and choose wisely. If you want to be seen for a part in Doctors, you’re best having a brilliant shot that looks like you at a casting and not you as a Victoria Secret model.

Character Shots

Melissa’s shots crack me up and are more extreme than the average ‘character shot’ but they do bring up this issue of ‘showing your range’. In fact, many actors show a selection of the characters they’ve played on their Spotlight profile galleries. There are lots of opinions on this, but UK casting director, Kelly Valentine Hendry advises against it.

So, perhaps sticking with the adage ‘less is more’ is a boring, but wisest.

Read the article with Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy below:

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