IPP are delighted to be extending into the wonderful word of coaching. Isaac’s Photography Mentoring Scheme will open shortly and here are all the details of our brand new Acting Coaching Service ran by Christina Carty.


Acting is not about auditions, yet for most actors they become the insurmountable fence to be cleared. Whether getting into drama school or getting the role, auditions can become the bane of the actor’s life. And it’s understandable. Before landing most roles or a place at drama school, some kind of audition takes place.  Unfortunately though, for most actors, the audition room is not where they thrive and it’s rarely where the best work is done.  Why? Because auditions don’t tend to be an experience of authenticity and connection  (the actor’s strengths) but instead a place of judgement, assessment and anxiety. And how can anyone do their job, let alone make a good impression when that is the experience?

My view is that auditions like anything else require training. Simply being a good enough actor is not sufficient. I work from the original meaning of audition (from ‘audicion’) meaning ‘a hearing’ or ‘power of hearing’. Rather than ‘getting it right’, your audition is an opportunity for you to hold court and be heard.  My aim is that everyone I work with walks into their audition room and powerfully allows themselves to do just that.

About the coach

An Irish actress anChristina_Carty_Isaac_peral_photography_2d writer, I studied English and drama at University College Cork and won a scholarship to Washington College, where I specialised in dramaturgy under renowned dramaturg, Michele Volansky. I later moved to the UK, to do my actor training at The Oxford School of Drama.  I’ve played a variety of roles from Desdamona to Richard III, most notable, Virginia Woolf in Downton Abbey and Laura in TV drama, Belonging To Laura. Winning Best Actress for roles in short films ‘Tell Me About Your Day’ (dir Ed Christmas) and ‘Nostagia’ (dir Tomsin Adejepu). I’ve also voiced hundreds of commercial brands from Jean Paul Gautier to Nike.  More recently, I’ve studied playwriting with High Tide and the National Theatre. Finalists for the Funny Women screen writing award, Marina Niel (writing partner) and I have had our scripts optioned by What Larks and DLT Entertainment.  We’re currently working on ‘NHOV’ with What Larks Production Company and represented by Lily Williams at Curtis Brown.

Why coach

I completed the Landmark Education curriculum, (Landmark are the market leader in providing professional and personal coaching). Afterwards,  I joined the inspirational 6 month Introduction Leadership Program, where I got trained in coaching. It was a real privilege to work with people to cause success in their lives (be it in their careers, relationships, finances or family relationships)  It was a truly incredible experience and I discovered that I both loved it and was very effective.  Now, I combine this coaching training with my love for great acting. I want to transform actors’ auditions, so that they walk away empowered, inspired (and with the part obviously).

How it works

During an initial phone consultation, you tell me what outcomes you want to get from your acting session with me. Once we’re clear on what your desired outcomes are, I’ll get to work on making a session plan. Each session is tailored to your needs. So whether it be a TV audition you’d like to work on or a monologue for drama school, the session will be designed to fit around your needs. Areas explored include: text and character analysis, emotional truth, actioning, movement, aliveness, bringing energy to your performance, confidence in the audition room… basically, whatever is required to have you nail it.  There are two options for working- either at the IPP studio in Brixton or a video call via Skype.


What makes it work better

Send me a copy of your script or monologue before the session.
Arrive 10 minutes early so we can have a chat.

What next

Email or call 07507146036.
Student and Equity concessions available on request.