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Take your work seriously, but never yourself. -Booth Tarkington


I’ve worked with many incredible acting talents who’ve come from a range of drama schools, agencies and companies. My actor clients in London have worked on: Poirot, Downton Abbey, New Tricks, Skins, Holby, Our World War, Coronation Street, at the Soho theatre, with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe, the National Theatre, on the West End, Broadway and so on.

My industry and corporate clients include: The Voice Over Network, UK Actors Tweetup Gala, Cinema Jam, Elmsleigh Dental Practice, Lambeth Council etc.

I also do stills photography for film. Clients include: Knightfall, Heritage, Bristles, Hero, Milly & Clare, Tunnel Vision, Galicia Portobello Road etc.

My approach

Through working in Graphic Design, I discovered a passion for sourcing high quality beautiful images. I decided to study photography myself, specialising in portraiture. One day I happened to be shooting an actor and we’d so much fun I couldn’t understand how this was work. I loved it and so began my obsession with actor headshots.

In every shoot, the aim is to capture authenticity and castability. Castability? By that I mean to capture an image that truly reflects your casting type-the roles you are most likely to be seen for.

Beyond that, I want everyone who walks through my door to have a blast. For most people, nerves are the biggest obstacle to great shots. Nerves coupled with a sense of duty “I must get new shots” can easily reduce a shoot to a mechanical process. I ask my clients about their work, their passion, their adventure. We want shots that are spontaneous, light and engaging. So, we have a brilliant time and get cracking shots too.

Throughout the shoot, I give lots of opportunity for hair, clothes and make-up changes along with time for beard trims and jumping jacks.

All shoots are divided between studio and outdoor sessions and are tailored to the wishes of the client. I combine studio lighting techniques with natural light to create a fresh cinematic photo. By throwing the background out of focus, and centering all attention on your eyes, I ensure the person who sees your professional headshots, sees you.


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I am open for Business. Covid-19, PLEASE READ

I am back in business and shooting outdoors only for actors. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique environment.
I very much suggest the outdoors shoots as a great alternative. Please read my procedures here.